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Each pair of feet is as unique as the person they belong to.

Orthotic manufacturers have always taken the cookie cutter approach, with a one-shape-fits-all design, until now. Biocorrect is an innovative, fully customizable foot orthotics system and laboratory, engineered to treat and correct biomechanical imbalances of the entire body.

The foot is a complex piece of equipment with dozens of moving parts that act as shock absorbers for the body. Conventional foot orthotics focus on arch support for temporary relief of pain, but blocking the arch displaces the body's impact in ways that can lead to biomechanical inefficiencies and injuries. An arch-centered approach to the foot is often unsuccessful because it does not properly address other common foot imbalances.

That's why Biocorrect foot orthotics are designed for more than twelve different foot types with customized corrections for each individual's unique need.

Orthotic Product Comparison
Biocorrect Custom Typical Competitor Store Purchase
Biomechanical Correction      
Arch Support
Improve Stability  
Leg Length Differences    
Stable Heel Cup  
Heel Padding
Morton's Toe (2nd toe longer than big toe)    
First Ray (Big Toe)    
Supportive without forcing your foot into an unnatural position    
Diabetic Foot  
Custom Fit  
Crafted to Patient-Specific Angle within 1 degree    
Sport/Activity Specific, e.g., golf, tennis    
Forefoot correction    
Rearfoot correction  
Product Features      
Price (over 6 years) $350 $450 - $700 $120
Price (Initial Purchase) $350 $450 - $700 $45
Turnaround time less than 2 weeks    
Adjustments until they are right - included    
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