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Your orthotics will be hand crafted, unique to your needs.

We begin to properly identify your foot type by gathering information about you.

Your Information
  • A prescription (but you don't need one) from your physical therapist, physician, or other healthcare professional.
  • Phone/email consult - we're easy to contact for instructions.
  • Health History. We want to know your history of injuries and conditions; what sports and activities you participate in, and general information about you and your pain.
  • Video or photos. Our easy-to-follow instructions will walk you through the process of making a videotape or taking photographs.
  • Foot Impression. (We'll send you a foam foot-impression box with step-by-step instructions, and a prepaid return address label.)
When we receive your completed foot-impression box, we'll begin the process of crafting your unique orthotics, adapting them to compensate and address your specific needs.

Our Craftsmanship

Our biomechanical specialists will cast your personal orthotics using the foam impression box you send us. The Health History form, and photos (or video) and other personal information we receive are an integral part of crafting your orthotics. We post (build up the areas that need to be lifted/supported) and grind specific angles, to address your biomechanical inefficiencies and create a unique orthotic specific to your needs.